John W Mitchell has served from sailor to CEO. You can see his extensive Linkedin profile below. In brief, John has worked as a: news reporter; radio host; marketing and business development senior executive; media crisis manager; and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer at several hospitals. He now lives and writes on the Western Slope of Colorado with his wife - who on most days - loves him more than her horse. He serves as a volunteer adaptive downhill ski instructor with Colorado Discover Ability. John and his dogs have a keen reverance for the outdoors. They spend a good part of the year outside, including on the winter snowpack. He is also an award-winning photographer and authored the novel Medical Necessity, which one reviewer said was "one of the best books I read in 2016". Among his many awards: in 2009, he and his senior executive team were named "Top Leadership in Healthcare for Mid-Sized Hospitals" by HealthLeaders Media for their work in turning around a 90-bed regional, rural hospital. John knows what it means to make a payroll and keep people safe. He is a U.S. Navy veteran and DINFOS-trained killer (yes, that is an inside Navy joke...), where he served as a journalist and broadcaster aboard the aircraft carrier USS America. Finally, John holds a MS from Virginia Commonwealth University in Communications Management (a MBA-based, research degree) and an undergraduate BS degree in Mass Comm from James Madison University. See John's Linkedin profile here.